Roger Stüssi is exhibiting his collection at the 2012 Salone Internazionale del Mobile in collaboration with Davide Groppi. The collection is based on the idea of orchestrating a confined space with a few pieces that meet essential human needs by means of their unassuming, multi-purpose properties. Taking a handcrafted milking stool as a point of reference, he presents three objects that manage to combine the warmth and idiosyncrasy of traditional artisanship with modern, puristic formality. The principal item of the collection is an amalgamation of a three-legged day bed, a partition and a bench. The horizontal panel is made of two opposing layers of solid red cedarwood slabs, supported by a single cylindrical leg. It forms a platform which carries a mattress covered in rough natural linen. Inserted into this floating board is a sheet of ground aluminium which functions as a divider, with a whimsical hole in the middle being the spatial connection between the three elements. On the back of the vertical panel, the extension of the wooden board works as a simple bench.
Imsèti is a contemporary homage to a rustic, three-legged stool, replacing two legs with a single panel made of solid red cedarwood. The intersecting horizontal panel works as the seating surface, interrupted in the middle by an angled, cylindrical leg of aluminium. The stool can also be used as a side table.
The collection is completed by a simple oblong table, with a top made from two opposing layers of solid red cedarwood slabs, similar to the Idròmi. Hidden in the tabletop is a low drawer. Four slender, cylindrical aluminium rods form the legs, lending an airy feel to the top.
Red cedarwood, ground aluminium

A vo sü, a vo gió (Ticinese dialect for: “I’m going up, I’m going down.”)
Descending from the mountains. Urban life has become saturated with a plethora of trivial things. Things we didn’t dream of wanting or needing a mere fifty years ago. Commodities that re-enact life as a hollow parody, as mind candy for fleeting amusement. 
But now, la commedia è finita! We want to strip things back to their bare essence, creating products that pay respect to the core human condition and the primordial aesthetics of craftmanship in an intuitive approach to design. The milking stool of a Swiss mountain farmer served as the point of origin, the primitive totem of the ensemble of domestic furniture, staged in its appropriately artless surroundings. Each piece is the result of a process combining the purity of ingenious native craft and the application of industrial methods of production, bearing the odd irregularities that lend a unique and rather coarse character to each and every item. The material vocabulary is a fusion of organic and industrial elements, chosen for their ability to grow and age gracefully with us, thereby allowing us to create a lasting, amicable relationship with them.


IDRÒMI (Day Bed)
Product Sheet (PDF)

IMSÈTI (Stool)
Product Sheet (PDF)

IMÈNGI (Table)
Product Sheet (PDF)


Roger Stüssi is a conceptually driven interior architect and designer who grew up in the heart of the Swiss alpine region. After successfully completing the Zaugg & Zaugg school for innovation and design, the trained carpenter worked for Cappellini and Boffi in Milan, before returning to Switzerland and setting up his own interior design office ‘Soius’ in 1999. Roger Stüssi develops and produces his projects in close collaboration with skilled craftsmen from diverse fields, ranging from traditional handicraft to high-tech engineering.



A vo sü, a vo gió

17/04 - 17/04/2012
Showroom Davide Groppi
Via Medici 13 - 20123 Milano

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